Branding Types

Co-Branding | Digital Branding | Personal Branding | Cause Branding | Country Branding

Co-Branding – Partnering with another brand to achieve reach

Digital Branding – Web, Social media, search engine optimization, driving commerce on the web

Personal Branding –  the way an individual builds their reputation

Cause Branding –  aligning your brand with a charitable cause or corporate social responsibility

Country Branding –  Efforts to attract tourists and businesses.

Emotional Branding is a cocktail of anthropology, imagination, sensory experiences and visionary approach to change.


Effective Catalog

10 Tips for creating an effective catalog

1. Make sure your catalog reflects your brand identity.
2. Don’t take square-inch analyses too literally.
3. Think in terms of the whole, not the pieces.
4. Know your customer.
5. Don’t look upon feature copes as lost selling space.
6. The most expensive product doesn’t have to be the biggest object on the page.
7. Avoid making pages overly complex.
8. Don’t rely on supplied photographs.
9. Include an order form.
10. Don’t sacrifice production value.