Children’s Book Illustration

Last quarter I took a class at UC Berkeley, ‘Illustrating Children’s Book’ by Kristine Brongo, who is the design director of children’s publishing at Chronicle Books. This was one of the best classes, I went into it thinking it was just going to be a lecture class, talking about what goes behind publishing children’s book, but after the first class I found out that we were supposed to work on a project ‘Book Dummy’ and the class was about how to become a children’s book illustrator, how to tell a story through pictures with your skill, style, technique. The class was to develop your illustration style, as well as technique and media.

I learned a lot from this class, like what are the basic components of book, different structures of book, the rules of the picture book, and when is it okay to break these rules.

Basic components of book: Book Jacket, Case Wrap, Spine, End Paper (consider this like a wallpaper)

There are two ways end papers can be binder: Self ended book and Traditional Style (separate end paper)

And some of the rules for picture books are:
1) narrative art with beginning and an end
2) don’t try to write in rythm
3) Don’t write about overused topics
4) Don’t try to teach a lesson

Few resources:
2) How to be an Illustrator.
3) Illustrating Children’s Book


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