I have been wanting to take one of the Printmaking classes at San Francisco Center of the Book, but unfortunately haven;t been able to, so bought a book on the topic and learnt few terms on the topic.

Block Print: Print made from curved block of wood, linoleum, styrofoam, etc.

Collagraph: A print made from a dimensional collaged plate.

Edition: A complete series of identical prints pulled from a single plate.

Ghost Print: A print pulled from the remaining image left on a plate after the first print has been pulled.

Impression: A single image printed on peer, cloth, or other substrate.

Masking: Covering a section of the substrate, the image, or the matrix to prevent contact with ink;masking protects the printing that already exists,so additional printing can be added without covering up the first player.

Matrix: The source of the print-the surface on which printable image exists.

Monoprint: Unique print that is pulled from a ghost plate that has had an additional ink added to it or that was otherwise modified.

Monotype Print: A Unique print that cannot be duplicated.

Original Print: A first-edition print as opposed to a reproduction.


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