The Grid

A Modular system for the design and production of newspapers, magazines and books- Allen Hurlburt

A grid consists of a distinct set of alignment- based relationships that act as guides for distributing elements across a format. Every grid contains the same basic parts, no matter how complex the grid becomes. Each part fulfills a specific function; the parts can be combines as needed or omitted from the overall structure at the designers discretion, depending on how they interpret the informational requirement of the material.

Working with a grid depends on two phases of development. First phase the designers attempts to assess the informational characteristics and the production requirements of the content. The second phase consist of laying out the material according to the guidelines established by the grid.
Every design problem is different and requires a grid structure that addresses its particular elements.

Column Grid
Manuscript Grid
Hierarchical Grid
Modular Grid

 Leonardo’s classic drawing (left) established the basic symmetry of     
 the square – the principal form of the orthodox grid


Basic forms are often found in painting (Right) by Piet Mondrian

This includes eight golden rectangle in a Fibonacci series positioned to create logarithmic spiral. 


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